PR Reflection

This was the first class I have taken in my time at Grand Valley State University that deals with the communications aspect of public relations. It also happened to be part of the curriculum in my last year.   For the most part I really enjoyed the class.  I found the research very interesting although scheduling the interviews among the demands of my other classes presented a challenge at times.

As a Communications major with a focus in broadcasting, I felt the course description would provide a strong connection to my major as my final SWS requirement before graduation.  I am very happy with this decision because as the class has progressed, I have learned to look at my degree in a broader sense.  I don’t believe that broadcasting is the only field that I might try to pursue my career with after graduation.

I feel that when we enroll in college, we believe we must follow a map of classes leading toward a certain career.  However, after experiencing the wide range of classes and other experiences at GVSU I have grown to realize that the road map theory may have been a narrow view of the world.   This class helped to open my eyes to what Public Relations entails and I could see myself working in the field of Public Relations or Media Relations.

At the beginning of the semester, I had just met the prerequisites to enroll; however, this really meant I had some basic experience and knowledge on how to construct a research paper.  As the term began, I struggled with some of the basic core concepts.  Perhaps this was due to the fact that I had not taken any of the 100 level PR classes that many of my classmates did.   In the long run, this may have worked in my favor.  I was required to study and understand the concepts and processes that we used to complete our Plan Book.  This has allowed me a real feeling of accomplishment.  I have not only completed the assignment, but I also feel I have developed the understanding of how all the elements come together.

I am proud of myself for learning and applying the concepts that were new to me.  I also feel that the structure of the class, which allowed for plenty of independent study and learning through the semester, worked well with my personality.

In the beginning, I found the plan book project very daunting.  The size and scope of the project combined with it being the first time I had ever done something like this made me question if I was able to complete the task.  However, looking back now; not only is the project complete, I believe that it is something I can list as practical experience on my resume.  As I face similar projects in the future then they will all seem so much easier.

These regular blog posts are also a great way to enhance the learning experiences offered in this class.   I have enjoyed constructing the posts and also learning the finer points of how to blog so it can also become a professional tool and skill, that will be marketable in the future.

After the completion of this class, I feel I have learned more about myself.  It is one of the experiences I have had at GVSU that makes me feel like I am more than just a broadcasting student, but a more complete communications student who can take my broadcast training and use it to get ahead and cross over to other fields in the area of Communications.   If my career ends up being more corporate focused and less Media focused, I will recall my first experience learning something about Public Relations how we learned to use research to develop objectives, strategies and present our message to the public.

This class helped me understand the full impact of attending a liberal arts college and becoming a more rounded student.

I look forward to taking my educational experiences into the real world and use it to become the successful individual everyone strives to be in their life.